Broughton Audio


Are your pedals in stock?

Yes, anything that is available for purchase is in stock, and will ship within three business days from the time of purchase.

When will "Sold Out" pedals be restocked?

Typically within a week.

How long does it take for my shipment to arrive?

Typically 7 days for US and Canada, and 14 days for international orders. This estimate can vary depending on the destination country.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is a flat rate no matter how many pedals you purchase. For US and Canada customers, shipping is $15. International shipping is $40.

What are the customs fees for international orders?

This varies depending on your country. The customer is responsible for paying customs and import fees. Broughton Audio will declare the full value of your purchase on customs documentation.

Do you still makeā€¦?

The Broughton Audio webstore has all the current product offerings. Anything not on the webstore has been discontinued.

Do you take custom orders?

Broughton Audio does not take custom orders.

Are there any customization options for your pedals?

No, the pedals are made as advertised.